Assess Your Personal Property TODAY, The Deadline Is May 31

FAQs: Change My Address

There is a change of address and e-mail Form at the bottom of the Home Page.

It is the taxpayer's responsibility to notify the tax collector of a change of address. If you do not receive a tax statement, the taxes and penalties still apply.

A personal property tax bill is created from anything that was assessed between January 1 and May 31 of the last calendar year; and billed the next calendar year. If a couple was married and assessed together, but divorced during the year, they are still responsible for the combined tax bill.  If you move to another Arkansas County, or to another State, the personal property tax bill will never just go away.  An attempt will be made to find the taxpayer, but if collection cannot be made, a CERTIFICATE OF INDEBTEDNESS WILL BE FILED IN THE NAME(S) OF THE DELINQUENT TAXPAYER(S) FOR TAX EVASION IN THE STATE OF ARKANSAS AT THE CIRCUIT CLERK'S OFFICE.  IT WILL BE SHARED WITH THE NATIONAL CREDIT AGENCIES.

A real estate tax bill is created from the owner of the record on January 1. If a property was sold during the year, closing documents will explain the responsibility of the buyer and the seller concerning the tax bill.

A TEXT (SMS) message notifying you of the due date could prevent you paying a 10% penalty.  Sign up today at the bottom of the Home Page.  Just ask to be added to Text and email message reminders.

The Saline County Tax Collector postal mails and electronically mails (if the taxpayer signs up for electronic statements) tax statements the first week of March each year.  The taxes are due October 15 each year.  Many taxpayers miss the due date, thus getting a 10% penalty.  If you sign up for emails and TEXT reminders, you will be notified before the deadline approaches.

It is the taxpayers responsibility to make sure their personal property and real estate taxes are paid on time. Failure to receive a statement does not excuse you from the taxes or the penalties and interest.

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