The Saline County Tax Collector and Assessor's Offices will be on-site in Hot Springs Village! On June 29, July 15, August 12, and September 23 we will be located at the Ponce de Leon Center between the hours of 9:30-2:30. Our staff will be available to assess your personal property, accept your tax payments, and answer your tax questions. Due to the off-site collections, we are unable to accept cash payments.

Fire Department's Annual Transparency Report

The County Tax Collector "according to State law" may collect fire fees for volunteer fire department districts.  The Saline County Tax Collector collects for twelve (12) volunteer fire districts.  The fire district chief, or board secretary, work with the Tax Collector's Improvement District Manager to assign fire fees to parcels of land within their fire district.  In March each year, if you live in a volunteer fire district, you will see a fire fee applied to your annual tax statement.  The volunteer fire department fire fees are collected with the taxpayer's ad valorem taxes.  Each year in March, the fire districts shall file (in the Saline County Clerk's Office) an annual "Taxpayer Transparency Improvement District Report." For a blank form click here.

14-284-216 (FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICTS) Assessments Time for payment Failure to pay.

(1) All annual assessments extended and levied under the terms of this subchapter shall be payable at the time ad valorem taxes are paid.

(2) If any annual assessments levied by the board of commissioners under this subchapter are not paid when due, the collector shall not embrace the assessments in the taxes for which the collector shall sell the lands.

(3) The collector shall report delinquent assessments annually to the board of commissioners for informational purposes.

(4) The collector shall add to the amount of the delinquent assessment a penalty of 10% and shall collect the delinquent assessment in the same manner as delinquent ad valorem taxes for a period of no less than 18 months after October 15 of the year the fee(s) become delinquent.

19_ Fire District Collegeville #15.pdf

19_ Fire District Crows #90.pdf

19_ Fire District East End #11.pdf

19_ Fire District Lake Norrell #18.pdf

19_ Fire District Norteast. #19.pdf

19_ Paron Volunteer Fire Department #102.pdf

19_ Fire District Salem #59.pdf

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19_ Fire District Shaw #12.pdf

19_ Fire District Springhill #14.pdf

19_ Fire District Turtle Creek #13.pdf

19_ Fire District West Pulaski Co #23.pdf