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FAQs: Improvement Districts

When property owners would benefit from a local service or improvement, a charge (the improvement district fee is added to the tax bill).  Examples of such local services or improvements include:

Suburban & Municipal Improvement Districts, are collected for improvements or construction of streets, sewer systems, off-street parking of vehicles, sidewalks, and recreational areas.

Several Volunteer Fire Departments have filed the property paperwork directing the Saline County Tax Collector to apply their annual fees "dues" to real estate property in their fire districts.  The tax collector, then adds the fees to the tax bills and collects the fees for the fire districts.  

11East End Fire Darrel Feagan 501-888-517018Lake Norrell FireApril Burchfield 501-681-2562
12Shaw Fire Chief Steele 501-416-296919Northeast FireLouise Davis 501-847-8787
13Turtle Creek FireFire Station 501-776-074459Salem FireLaura Gerrald 501-794-2707 
14Springhill Fire David Yarbrough 501-529-200690Crows Station Fire Fire Station 501-794-1720
15Collegeville FireGary Winkler 501-847-6806102Paron FireGaylon Nelson 501-993-8801
16Sardis Fire Daniel Hicks 501-602-8850109West Pulaski FireAlan King 501-225-1236
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