The Personal Property and Real Estate Property tax deadline is October 15! Make partial payments on current taxes up until October 15th.

Saline County Tax Collector's Office Opens New Delinquent Recovery Department

The Saline County Collector's Office has a new Delinquent Accounts Manager. A delinquent department within the collector's office has been formed and is tasked with collections of three (3) million delinquent Personal Property tax dollars spanning an 18-year period.

With more innovative tools to locate delinquent taxpayers, the office is now able to find postal addresses, social security numbers, phone and email addresses, relatives, and much more. As most people know, taxes never go away.  Eventually they resurface provided by better location data.

When the delinquent taxpayer is located, we send a final notice with a time frame to resolve the total due. If not paid, we proceed with a certificate of indebtedness for tax evasion in the State of Arkansas. This remains in effect for 10 years and the tax lien information is released to Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.